How to play the game

First of all, these are the keys you'll need to navigate the menus:

Arrow keys
Change menu selection

These keys are used in the game itself:

Frets one through five

Note that these keys are default keys and they can be changed from the game settings menu.

The easiest way to learn to play the game is to watch the tutorial. The basic idea is to press and hold the approriate frets when notes appear and tap the pick button when the notes hit the row of keys at the bottom of the screen. With longer notes, you need to hold the frets down for the whole duration.

You get points for hitting notes. For each ten correctly played notes, your score multiplier increases up to four times. If you make a mistake, the score multiplier is reset back to one. For long notes, the longer you hold down the frets the more points you get. Chords award you twice the points of normal notes.