Song Collection Customization

Cassette appearance

The appearance of the song cassettes can be changed by editing the song.ini file stored within the song directory. The file can contain the following settings:
Setting Effect
cassettecolor The color of the cassette in HTML notation
name Song name
artist Song performer
delay Note delay in milliseconds. Each note in the song will be delayed by this amount.
tutorial 1 or 0 to indicate whether this song is a tutorial. Tutorials can have closed captioning and other effects in the script.txt file.
In addition to the above settings, you may create a 128x64 PNG file called label.png to the song directory. It will be drawn as the cassette label.

Song libraries

Songs can be organized into libraries by moving them into subfolders under the data/songs directory. Each library can have any number of songs. A library can also have a library.ini, which controls the following settings:
Setting Effect
color The color of the library briefcase in HTML notation
name Library name
Similarly as songs, libraries can also have label.png image that will be drawn onto the library briefcase.