Graphics guide

This text will shortly explain how we created vector graphics to Frets on Fire. Here's some background on the graphics used in Frets on Fire and a short introduction on how you can import your own images into the game.


All graphics in the game are based on resolution independent vector graphics stored in SVG files. That means that you'll need to use a vector graphics program for creating your images. Here's what we used: In addition to 2D vector graphics, the game uses a few 3D models as well. They are stored in the Collada 3D graphics interchange format. We used Blender to create the 3D models.

Graphics files in Frets on Fire

Additionally, these 3D models are used:

Modifying vector files

It's quite easy to start. Just open one of the files above, change something, save your piece of art as Plain SVG, execute Frets on Fire and you can see the changes instantly. There is few things that might help you a little while working with Inkscape: