Creating Game Modifications

In Frets on Fire, game modifications or mods for short are basically collections of files that have been modified from the original game and therefore change some aspect of the game, such as graphics or sounds. At the moment code modifications that alter the gameplay are not officially supported by the game. The modifications are stored in the data/mods directory. When a modification is actived from the game settings, the game looks for every data file it loads first from the modification directory. If the file isn't there, the stock data file is used instead. In this way, modifications can override the data files shipped with the game.

Quick guide making a mod

  1. Modify one or more of the game files in the data folder.
  2. Create a folder for your mod in the data/mods folder. The folder name will be your mod's name.
  3. Copy the files you modified into the mod's folder.
  4. Zip the mod folder and spread the resulting package.